While we specialize in WHM/cPanel servers (20 years) we also have extensive experience with Plesk and Directadmin. If you have a non cPanel server you wish us to manage/fix for you it is recommended that you first contact us with your control panel and issue for a custom quote on what it might cost. Also note if you wish to hire us on a per incident bases the cost is $10/hour with a 1 hour minimum.

The most common cause for server breakdowns is lack of updates. The older software gets the less compatible it becomes with everything else. By being proactive and routinely updating the server software, control panel and security most common problems can be avoided entirely. While we’re in there we will also run routine checks for security and server issues so we can advise you and fix things before they can take your websites down.

Keeping data safe should always be a priority, and while local backups are handy, if a hacker gets in your system or the server breaks down those local backups aren’t much help. Backing up to a remote server ensures your data is safe no matter what happens to your server. Unlike most companies we do not charge for retrieving your backups should you need them.

Nothing hurts more than a broken server full of down websites, often with clients screaming at you to “fix it”. We can help by recovering and restoring data, cleaning compromised servers and get you back up and running fast!

Security is essential on any server. We can harden your server against most common attacks and install security software that will protect your server and websites from all the nasty things hackers like to do to them. There’s no such thing as “perfect” security but we can balance out your security needs without limiting the functionality of your server or websites. We can also set up a new server for you and secure it right from the start with optimal security and control panel settings customized for your specific server and needs.

No matter what you do sometimes things will break, there’s no accounting for control panel or server updates that sometimes contain errors that cause something to fail. We are experts at finding and resolving problems like this quickly to get things running again and save you the headache of searching google and trying potential solutions that more often or not tend to make your problems worse. Most issues can be resolved in an hour or two, usually within a few minutes of one of our techs logging into your server.

One of the biggest headaches of all, setting up a new server, your packages, your accounts, copying data etc etc. We can handle all of that for you quickly and professionally so you can just sit back and relax, we’ll handle everything from the new server setup to copying your accounts, data, packages etc.

Installing the software you need on your server can be a nightmare. We can handle any 3rd party software installs you need in order to make sure you and your customers have access to all the features you require to run your websites without a hassle or hours of tinkering to figure out how and even if something should be installed.

While there’s no replacement for an expert server admin this unique WHM Plugin provides hundreds of free and custom tools for repairing, securing and managing your server all from a point and click interface. It also provides a number of tools for monitoring services and tons of other features. This feature is only available to those on the Pro plan.